Adam Carney, 7-String Guitar

Adam Carney lives and works in Austin, Texas as a full time musician, composer and guitar instructor.  He performs regularly in Austin and throughout Central Texas on his custom Harp Guitar.  He performs as a soloist and in collaboration with a number of wonderful musicians, and in groups such as Hora Once and The Violet Crown Affair

Adam Carney has recorded four albums and collaborated with many other artists on projects and recordings, including Adam's first solo harp guitar album Elizabeth in 2009, and the award winning Nuevo Tango album Libertango with the Austin Piazzolla Quintet.  Since moving to Austin, he has had his music featured on movies, TV shows and video games, including television documentaries, indie movies, international television commercials, and the television series Archer on the FX network.  He is currently recording his fifth feature album with his Nuevo Tango/Latin Folk music trio Hora Once, as well as another solo harp guitar album.  

Adam is the director and founder of  the Capital City Guitar Camp in Austin, TX.  The annual week-long guitar camp for kids of all ages started in 2014 and hosts some of the best guitar instructors in Austin.  Every year it features a concert by the students and faculty, and other guest musicians from the Austin music scene.  For more info on the camp, please visit

The idea of the harp guitar has to have been around for as long as luthiers have been building guitar-like instruments, but the first true harp guitars were made in the beginning of the 20th century in America and Europe.  They are classified as having both a standard six-string neck as well as an extra set of sub-bass strings strung above the standard neck.  The number of strings vary, some guitars have three or four bass strings.  Others have as many as twenty or more bass and treble strings.  Adam plays on a custom designed Harp Guitar built by Master Luthier Woodley White.  It is a fourteen string Dyer-esque model with a seven string neck and seven sub-bass strings with sharping levers.  He also plays on a reproduction of a 1910 Dyer model, with 6 sub-bass strings.