The Chicago Choro Club - 

A Fun Community Music Experience!

The Chicago Choro Club - A Little "Brazil" in the Midwest!

For more information please contact

Julie Koidin, Director


Brazilian choro is a cousin of "samba."  It is communal by nature and appeals to young and old.   Classical and jazz players find common ground working in this style that allows for freedom of expression through improvisation, technical dexterity and rhythmical feel. 

Chicago Choro Club offers weekly group classes (and private lessons) as well as group practice jam sessions - called "rodas de choro." 

Please click here for information on classes and schedule. 

Roda de Choro at Sabor a Café -

Next jam session:

SUNDAY, FEB. 16,  7:00-9:00 PM



c/o ACM

1758 W. Wilson St.

Chicago, IL 60640

Tel: 773-334-3650

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