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Donate/Buy T-Shirts!

Donate/Purchase T-Shirts

Through generous donations we were able to open our doors in September 2015 as a choro club!  We really appreciate your generosity in helping us with our regular expenses which include advertising/printing expenses, materials for our outreach programs, and hopefully, for our goal in establishing a tuition scholarship program.  

As part of our fundraising program, we are selling t-shirts with our beautiful logo designed by Leslie Rubin.   We have limited sizes of black, blue and white available.   They are $20 each (plus $7 postage if you are not picking them up at one of our rodas or classes).  Please send inquiries to Julie Koidin so she can tell you the colors and sizes available.  

To contribute to our programs, either with a direct donation or the purchase of a t-shirt, we are able to accept checks and/or online payments.   Here's how: 



Please make payable to: the "CHICAGO CHORO CLUB" 

Send to:

Chicago Choro Club

c/o Access Contemporary Music School

1758 W. Wilson Ave.

Chicago, IL 60640-4515

•Please indicate "Choro donation" or "Choro T-Shirt" in the memo.



Please send to   (This is an example of how to send $27.00 - the amount of one t-shirt including shipping to continental USA.   Once at this site you can EDIT the dollar amount directly in the "amount" area without a problem.  Or You can simply use the same URL and supply a different dollar amount after the last forward slash).

Please indicate "Choro donation" or "Choro T-Shirt" in the memo and please DO NOT select purchase protection as it triggers Paypal fees.  


Please send your payment to:   

•Please indicate "Choro donation" or "Choro T-Shirt" in the memo.



c/o ACM

1758 W. Wilson St.

Chicago, IL 60640

Tel: 773-334-3650

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